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Our Focus

We’re focused on six key initiatives — all centered around using technology to enhance the agent-customer experience throughout the lifecycle of the insurance process. If you are interested in any of these, complete the “Join the discussion” form on this page!

  1. Submission ID and Tracking
    Once a policy is bound, it has a number and can be tracked all the way through agents’ systems. But when it’s just being quoted there should be better ways to track it. The standard is available and solutions should be encouraged to add this functionality.
  2. Two-way communications
    There’s so much more we can be doing to provide a secure, timely sharing of documentation throughout the relationship between the agents and their insurers.  This initiative is building the case to move from emails to a process initiated from the agents system of choice.
  3. Agribusiness Download
    In October 2023, during the AUGIE face to face meeting, a demo was provided with three agency management systems receiving a true Agribusiness download from the first carrier offering it.  Agents now need to ask their agency management system provider if they are able to process a true Agribusiness download.  Many carriers are sending Agribusiness download through a commercial package.  This limits the details and data that may be shared which results in a limitation on how you will see this book of business in your reports.
  4. Provisioning and Credentialing
    This is a problem that’s growing. When an agent joins—or more importantly, leaves—it takes a lot to get them set up or turned off throughout the system. What if agencies could use their management systems for trusted IDs and single sign on with carriers? Then when an agent leaves, a single message would be sent through the AMS to all carriers to turn them off.
  5. Intermediaries
    For maximum efficiency and better customer service, agents are looking for all of their intermediaries to provide download or other automation. An intermediary is any organization between the retail agency and a carrier, or a carrier providing a non-standard market. Intermediary markets assist agents who do not have a direct appointment with the carrier, or who need coverage provided for their client that is not available in the retail market. These markets may also be known as alternative markets, Excess & Surplus lines, programs, MGAs, and Wholesalers. This group is created to help drive awareness and education among intermediaries.
  6. Contracts and Codes 
    This topic has been added because it is key to understanding and assisting the industry in eliminating cost and pain points specific to the relationship between the insurers and their agents. During the first kickoff call in 2024, the group discussed the importance of learning more about how insurers handle and define contracts and codes.  The group also discussed investigating if the agent’s national producer number (NPN) could assist in streamlining the process.

Your call to action!  Please “join the discussion” and work together to make a difference!  If you have an interest in any of these topics, please complete the form and join the discussion on Workstorm.

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