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Events & Meetings

We hold a variety of in-person and virtual events throughout the year. We typically host 2 in-person events in conjunction with agency user groups and other meetings. Throughout the year, we also hold virtual discussion sessions to talk about progress in our key focus areas. And we also hold several virtual emerging technology meetings in which we invite technology vendors to discuss how they’re solving key issues for agents.

Upcoming events in 2024 

June 3, 2024 – 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM – Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City – register today

Save the dates

September 8, 2024 – 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM – Gaylord Opryland Resort in Nashville, Tennessee

Nov 3 – Nov 5 – during Spark, Cincinnati, OH

Past events

  • Every Agency Can Become a Service Leader: Jason Young delivers a keynote about the importance of culture and service for the independent agency distribution channel
  • 2023 Initiatives Discussion: AUGIE leaders review the organization’s mission and values as well as the four areas of focus for 2023 which include: submission ID and tracking; two-way eDocs; provisioning and credentialing; and agribusiness download
  • More Download Please: This open discussions delves into all the ways carriers and agents can take advantage of downloads’ full potential including: current initiatives to help advance the use of download by agents and carriers; how to improve commercial lines download; and how agencies have had success with claims download.
  • Emerging Technology session, May 3: download link to access the entire May 3 AUGIE Emerging Technology session video for website use.

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