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Each year, we honor individuals and companies with two industry awards:

The Andy Fogarty Industry Achievement Award was established in 2017 in honor of Andy Fogarty who has made a significant impact on the independent agency distribution channel for more than 40 years. Both individuals and companies are eligible for nomination. We’re looking for those who’ve made a difference for agents in the industry in the current year.

The Unsung Hero Award. There are many people who work very hard—often in the background—to further the cause of the independent agent. They may be adding value in carriers, agencies, vendors, user groups and other organizations to advance the processes and technologies to make things more efficient, effective, and better for agents.


Andy Fogarty Award

The 2023 Andy Fogarty Industry Impact Award is awarded to Donna LaGoy

  • 2023 Donna LaGoy, High Street
  • 2022 Brian Bartosh, Top O’Michigan Insurance
  • 2021 Chris Paradiso, Paradiso Insurance
  • 2020 Joe Feo, Selective Insurance
  • 2019 Kitty Ambers, AVYST
  • 2018 Ivans
  • 2017 Hawk

Unsung Hero Award

Those recognized as Unsung Heroes are:

  1. an individual from an agency, carrier, vendor, consulting group, user group or association who has made a difference in the industry in support of independent agents in past 12 months or
  2. an organization who has made a difference.

The 2023 Unsung Hero, Stu Durland

  • 2023 Stu Durland, Acrisure
  • 2022 Jay Byrnes, Byrnes Insurance Agency
  • 2021 Mark Harrison, Ivans
  • 2020 Ted Joyce, Insurance Agency Services
  • 2019 Jim Rogers ,The Hartford; Jim Armitage, Arroyo Insurance Services; Kristin Kicks, Nazareth Mutual
  • 2018 Brian Bartosh, Top O’Michigan; Joyce Sigler, Jones & Wenner Insurance Agency, Ginny Winkworth, ACT
  • 2017 Andy Fogarty; Keith Savino, Broadfield Insurance; Bob Slocum, The Slocum Agency

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